About Us


RockPillar is an ethical, sustainable and handmade footwear brand. We hire and creatively collaborates with 40 weavers and cobblers to hand make all of our footwear. We’re preserving the dying art and tradition of weaving and cobbling by creating economic incentives for our artisans to continue practicing their craft.

We believe in community development in the interest of the locals and driven by native populations in Cusco. In 2013 we partnered with Centro Bartolomeo De Las Casas, the oldest NGO in Cusco, to ensure responsible economic empowerment and revenue sharing.

What does empowerment mean to RockPillar? It’s not simply generating income for our artisans. We want to foster a rejuvenation and preservation of ethnic identity and cultural pride in both our weaving communities and our cobblers.

When we started Rock+Pillar in 2013, we started with the believe that a business can be a catalyst for positive social change. By being transparent in our model and honest with our partners, we all can benefit from this project. From the producer all the way to the consumer.

Curious? Want to learn more about us?  

Our Story: How we started
Our Makers: The faces behind our beautiful shoes
Our Mission: How you can be a part of ethical fashion that benefits our planet and our communities

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