Behind Our Design Inspiration – RockPillar Shoes

Seeking Inspiration

Are you feeling uninspired? We all feel that way sometime or another. Yes, trends come and go. But the biggest mistake of following trends is loosing one’s artistic identity. What makes you truly you. We want to share our design inspiration story and hopefully, it will inspire you too.

I’ve come to realize that a place or an experience can serve as a great source for inspiration. When something I see evokes an emotional response and tugs at the strings of my heart, I know I’ve found my design inspiration. The forests of Southern Oregon captured my attention from the moment I laid my eyes on them. Any patch of the forest could be a perfect color swatch for RP shoes. Sunlight glinting off the pines inspires the green leather of our Fern Grey Sumaq boots.

Pacific Northwest Forests have a certain texture about them, something truly unique and very tactile. I love the way moss hangs from branches and contrasts against tree bark. Those two contrasting textures was the main inspiration behind pairing leather with textile. Even the decomposing leaves on the forest floor served as inspiration.  We designed RP shoes with biodegradability in mind. Each pair is made with organic materials which will biodegrade once they complete their journey.


Working With Inspiring People

We love collaborating with bloggers who crave adventure, lose themselves in nature and don’t mind getting their feet dirty. With that said, it’s an honor to work with Alexandra Ford. With a deep love for nature, exploration and photography Alexandra embodies the spirit of Rock Pillar shoes.  Her knack for pairing fashion with the forest is most intriguing. Here’s what she has to say about our classic fall ankle boots, the Fern Grey Sumaq.

“Say hello to my favorite pair of fall ankle boots! Huge thanks to Rock+Pillar for sending me these beauties. I’m obsessed with the soft leather and cool textile combination! They also happen to be super comfy once they are broken in. I fell in love with this brand after reading their origin and message, it’s so important and meaningful when you purchase ethical and handmade products.” –Alexandra Ford

Finding Your Muse

The best way to find your creative spark is to discover your surroundings. It could be waiting for you in a patch of forest, or on a sidewalk on a busy street. To put it another way, make sure to explore and connect with your environment. It may even be that you meet others who amplify your creativity, if so make sure to not let go of them. Creating is not a solitary process, it’s meant to be collaborative. RP is a testament to designers, weavers, cobblers, bloggers and photographers all working together to create something that will tug at your heart strings.

Are you ready to get out there and find your inspiration?

Alexandra Ford find her design inspiration

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