Exploring The West Coast With RockPillar

We find ourselves in between trips to the West Coast, one in the past and one awaiting us a month from now.  The West Coast of North America is similar in appearance to the coast of Peru with flat beaches, drastic cliffs, winding roads and undulating mountains. We’ve decided to call them sister coasts due to their resemblance. Like sisters, though seemingly similar, each carries her own energy and demeanor. Our brief experience with California in 2013 drew us there to re-experience it again with wiser eyes, seasoned by having lived in Peru for the past three years.



This time Parvez & I found ourselves at Fort Mason crafting our first exhibition in San Francisco. Our second craft fair in Los Angeles presented us the chance to drive down Highway 1. This historic road glides alongside wilderness and wildlife. We had the immense pleasure witnessing Elephant Seals molting on a beach they’ve journeyed to for millennia; a sign no more emblematic and appropriate for the reason why we had travelled to the West Coast.

There along the way, our shoes accompanied us. They couldn’t have looked better on the Cliff and sand beaches of San Francisco. Driving the 1 incited similar feelings we feel here in Cusco, when we’re hiking in the mountains or spending time with our weavers in their villages. The common factor to this whole experience was the people and nature with its eco-system.


Peru first showed us the magic of vast wilderness and the awe inspiring majesty of soaring peaks. It’s was here we learned the ancient art of spinning yarn out of wool, dying with natural dyes, weaving ideas into a fabric and learning the power of cobbling. What the West Coast in the North has forgotten, Peru still remembers and practices to this day. The hand making knowledge passed down to us by our ancestors is still present, like a low lying, lingering cloud on mountain tops. But like the fleeting cloud, we’re finding skills of weaving and making disappearing here as well. More people are abandoning their heritage for faster and more consumptive city living.

We set out to the West Coast to tell the story of handmade through our shoes. It was a way to remind city dwellers the importance of making, the magic of handwoven textiles and the promise of new journeys in our shoes. We went with no expectation but just our passions. The outcome was incredible. We were overwhelmed by the interest and desire to learn more about where our shoes and textiles came from. Once again we are north bound to the West Coast of California with no expectations, eagerly waiting to see what our northerly sister holds for us.

Renegade Craft Fair- San Francisco

July 16 + 17, 2016

11am to 6pm

Fort Mason Festival Pavilion
2 Marina Blvd.
San Francisco, CA 94123


RockPillar & Shop Chris+Mary Event- Santa Monica

July 23rd, 2016

11am to 6pm

2204 1/2,

Pico Blvd,

Santa Monica,

CA 90405,


Renegade Craft Fair- Portland

July 30 + 31, 2016

11am to 6pm

1100 Southeast Grand Ave.
Portland, OR 97214


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