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We’ve been talking a lot about the importance of knowing where your products come from. The origin story is as important as the product itself. As we get ready to travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles to participate in the BUST Craftacular, we wanted to share our origin story. Who we are and why we do what we do. BUST magazine recently published an article on our story and we couldn’t be more proud and honored to reach more people with our story and our mission.

Here are some excerpts from the article with a link to the full article at the bottom. Check it out!

“Rock+Pillar is an ethically sourced line of handmade goods from Peru.  The style and originality of the company is the result of the close personal relationships forged between the talented local artisans and the company’s founders, Alma Hartman and Parvez Pothiawala.  As they say on their company Facebook page:

“We found inspiration and wonder in small communities nestled in the majestic Andes and drew our attention to Cusco, Peru. Traveling through towering mountains and working in remote Andean villages helped us realize our love for this strange yet familiar land. As we spent more time in Cusco, we discovered the rich community of artisanal talent who call the ancient Incan capital their home. We were blown away by the meticulous handmade products that were a point of pride and a way of life for these Andean artist. The one statement we heard repeatedly was that local artists simply desired to earn a living by practicing their cultural traditions, we want to help them achieve that goal.”

textiles 1

That is just a small snippet from the full article but we encourage you to click here to read the full article. Thank you all so much for the support so far, it’s just the beginning for responsible consumption. Lets take it even farther.

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