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Hey Fam!

We just got back from San Francisco and what an amazing and crazy two weeks it has been! And while we are working on a blog to fully detail our trip, we wanted to take a few seconds and tell everyone about an article about our Fern Grey Booties by the one and only Tessa Barton! Tessa has been lighting up the Instagram world with her beautiful photography and modeling shots. And we are incredibly honored and delighted to be working with her to highlight our Fern Grey Sumaqs. These future classic booties are the perfect shoe for summer and fall and we have to admit they look great on her. Here are a few Tessa’s Blog shots from the article itself and don’t forget to check out the full blog in the link below.


tessa 1

tessa 3

tessa 2


Fern Grey Sumaq Boot

$210.00 $135.00

Tessa’s Blog

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