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We’re excited to announce our partnership with Malena in launching the first crowdsourced wholesale campaign!  Click here to find out more and invest.

Rock+Pillar was created with a radical idea to change the way we consume fashion. We want to explore different countries, cultures and understand our artisans through their creations. If something is handmade, whose hands made it?


Our connection to Cusqueñan culture has become stronger as we live and create in Cusco, Peru. We’ve come to know our artisans as family. To complete the circle, it’s equally important for us to build strong relationships with our customers. Partnering with Malena, allows us to continue our dedication to exquisite craftsmanship and handmade goods.  

What is Malena?

Malena helps us crowdsource wholesale orders directly from buyers. It gives a community of conscious consumers the ability to band together and bring their chosen products to market. It allows the buyer to decide what exactly they want.

So why invest? 

It benefits everyone. Investors (like you) will help us to continue making our shoes. In return every dollar you invest will be given back to you in the form of a gift card to spend on the Malena site.

Every maker in retail understands the importance of wholesale. But, the traditional infrastructure of trade-shows is financially stacked against an emerging designer. The cost to attend a wholesale show alone can be prohibitively expensive.  With Malena, bringing products to consumers is no longer decided by a few gate keepers.

It’s simple. We want to continue making our gorgeous shoes. We want the consumer to have a different choice in the fashion industry. It’s time for the people to decide. Will you connect with us?

What you can do to help:

  1. Invest! Invest in our Malena Campaign and help us reach our goal before 4/25/2016!
  2. Share! Share this link with everyone you know and spread the word about our endeavor –
  3. Participate! Visit us on Instagram and Facebook to share our images regarding our campaign!

Here are a few projects you will help Rock+Pillar accomplish by investing in Malena:

  1. Help our weavers – make natural dyes, buy organic wool, and materials for weaving. 
  2. Invest in our Master Cobbler – we’ll be helping him clean up his workspace, purchase machinery, and purchase new foot molds to increase the durability and size range of our shoes. 
  3. Renovate our workshop – Our current facility needs some structural renovation. This will create a cleaner and safer space for our cobblers. 

Together we can choose an alternative option to fast fashion. We can connect with artisans in remote place and create beauty. This is how we can change the way we consume.

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