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Hello Friends,

Since the beginning of Rock+Pillar we’ve been looking to create a community that supports ethical fashion. A community of makers, designers and consumers that all share a passion for handmade and the implications that they entail. Ethical practices, empowerment of artisans and a damn good looking shoe. It’s been almost three years since we started this journey and we couldn’t be more excited that everyday we’re building awareness about our mission and our shoes. We believe that we can take traditional skills (leather, back strap loom weaving) and materials (like textiles and small batch leather) and create something that is resonates with people today. We also believe that everyone should benefit from owning a Rock+Pillar product.

The term ethical fashion is being tossed around a lot lately and we are very happy about that. However, just like fair trade we need to be vigilant regarding what that term actually means. As a consumer we have the responsibility to know not only where our products come from but who made them. Are they earning a livable wage? Are they able to continue to practice their traditional skills?

With that said we’re super excited to introduce our friends in the City of Angels. Where is Keith are a couple of buddies that care about two things, adventure and fashion. They have a beautiful blog about their adventures in and around LA. They also happened to write a lovely post about our our work and honestly our boots look great on them.

One more quick thing, we are going to be in LA for the BUST Craftacular May 7, 2016. If you’re an Angelino and want to pay us a visit we would love to see you!

Check out the blog here.

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